We use state of the art equipment to produce quality garment prints with fast turnaround. We can even incorporate special effects like puff, glitter, reflective material, glow in the dark, and foil. Anything you can envision we can make happen.

Wearing branded apparel is a great way to showcase your brand and build familiarity. If it's the first time someone has encountered it, you'll create a favorable and memorable impression.

HXD - A New Dimension of Printing

HXD combines the raised surface and high-value appearance of embroidery with the range of colors found in True Edge Transfer for a new level of branded apparel. HXD is extremely durable, and can be used on everything from cloth to vehicles. When used on branded apparel, HXD stands up to machine washing and dry cleaning no problem.

HXD also allows us to use photo-realistic textures on the branding for a sharp look you can’t get with any other printing method. Tones like silver, gold, and chrome will really make your images pop on apparel and bags.

Seam Decoration Prints

Perfect for horizontal logos and watermarks, seam prints work along the chest or up and down along seams on apparel. Vertical prints in the center of shirts has become a popular trend, and is a style made easy and accessible to younger audiences.

These styles used with HXD maximize your brand exposure with the latest looks.

Digital Transfer Prints

Digital transfers and prints allow for complex designs on promotional products and fabric. We can even create multi-step designs that combine digital transfers with embroidery for attractive and attention-grabbing combinations.

Applique Designs

Applique and Reverse Applique designs

Applique creates embroidered material with depth to its look. Large logos, team prints, and even vintage designs look great with the applique (and reverse applique) process. You can use this process on everything from shirts to bags, and even hats.

Laser Etching

Laser Etching example

Laser etching involves "melting" the top layer of polyester material for a smooth look. But it's a great choice for a variety of fabrics, such as vinyl, leather, fleece, and polyester blends. You can use it on hats also, but we recommend only using it in the bill of the hat. Fabrics that are non colorfast or are over-dyed may not hold the design as well in the laundry, however.


Embroidery example

Embroidered branded apparel is ideal for company uniforms, sponsored shirts, and other clothing that represents your brand professionally. From button-downs to Polo shirts, hats to jackets, embroidering your logo is a long-lasting way to show off your brand.

We use digitizing to ensure the cleanest embroidery work. By working with digital proofs we can create artistic and unique looks before the production begins, ensuring it comes out great every time.

Embroidered apparel stands up well to being washed, as well as being worn inside and outside wherever your staff’s day may take them. Using shirts, hats, and jackets as for service calls and networking creates a unified look that makes your brand appear organized and committed to its message.

Screen Printing

Using the latest screen printing technology, we can create beautiful branded apparel entirely in-house. This is ideal for t-shirts, fleece hoodies, jackets, pants, and even bags. Screen printing is a good choice for larger logos or brand messages (as opposed to small logos embroidered into shirts for instance).

By screen printing a variety of apparel and accessories, your staff will have all sorts of good-looking ways to embody your brand whether they’re working on location or out and about.

Art and Creative Services

Have a look in mind, but don't have the resources to make it happen? We have the staff in-house to design logos and other graphics for you, and we'll use the vector files we create for your branded products and give it to you for future projects as well. Trust the pros as your virtual graphics team. With our tools you can:

  • Use current art files for a range of promotional products
  • Create new files from concept for use anywhere
  • Edit, tweak, and adapt art files as needed