Promotional products are one of the best known and most effective ways to keep your brand in front of people. The reason is simple: give something of value, something people can actually use, and they are less likely to discard it like a business card. Every time they go to use this product they’ll be reminded where they received it.

After a good amount of networking and other events hundreds of people will have a piece of your brand, allowing you to reach them any day regardless of location.

Pens are notebooks are among the most common, but coffee mugs and bags are popular as well. Often trade show visitors receive tote bags to collect business collateral from each booth, and the bag itself becomes a memorable and reusable piece.

Promotional Pens

Promotional Pens

A pen is something everyone uses, and a good pen is something people remember. Surprise someone with a good looking pen at a networking event or trade show, for instance, and they’ll think of you every time they take it in hand to write something.

Promotional pens are also useful in social settings where a prospect might be filling out information. Not having a pen may discourage someone otherwise willing to partake. Having a ready supply of them not only ensures that doesn’t happen, but gives them something to take with them that embodies your brand immediately.

Promotional Mugs and Drinkware

Keep your name in front of folks every time they reach for that water bottle or cup of coffee. People love receiving something they perceive as valuable while at tradeshows or other networking functions, and mugs are a great way to create that value.

And if you use your own drinkware in your office? It creates a unified message that customers will notice every time they visit.

Promotional Mugs
Promotional Totes

Promotional Bags, Carryalls, and Totes

One of the best things about branded bags is that they function in travel. Folks may not bring a branded mug with them for national travel, but they’re far more likely to bring a bag or tote. Give them a convenient way to stay organized while on the go and your brand will follow them anywhere they go.

When others take notice of a sharp-looking bag, it might even become a conversation point. Bags are also less prevalent than other branded items, so you can stand out in a way that your competitors won’t.