Branded Products to Reward Your Staff

Free promotional products can make great gifts to reward loyal customers or entice new customers to buy from you. But it’s not just your customers that might appreciate these free gifts. Promotional products can also make great gifts for your employees. Just because it’s got your company name or logo on it, doesn’t mean it’s just for promotion or for marketing to customers.

When to reward your employees with branded products

There are a number of occasions when you might want to reward your employees with gifts and freebies. Perhaps you give everyone a Christmas present or an end of year present to reward them for all their hard work across the year. This could be instead of or in addition to cash bonuses if you already give these out. A small, gimmicky gift could make a great addition to a bonus, for example, or you might choose a more valuable gift as the primary bonus.

You might also reward individual employees for their hard work, in an employee of the month scheme or something similar. Again, it’s up to you whether this is a fun, novelty gift or something that’s valuable and meaningful. You could also hand out branded products to commemorate an event, such as branded t-shirts to wear on a team-building day or a promotional gift for a staff party.

Gift ideas for your employees

If you want to gift your employees branded products, what kind of things should you consider? Here are a few ideas…


We have a range of plaques and trophies that you can have engraved to reward your employees and recognize their achievements. This is great for official awards ceremonies, employee of the month, or fun office parties like end of year superlative awards.

Food and drink

Most people love to receive food or drink as gifts, whether that’s a nice bottle of wine or a box of chocolates. We have a range of food and drink gift sets, whether your employees like to cook, grill, mix drinks, or indulge in sweet treats.


If you’re looking for something flashy to give as a gift, then we have a variety of watches available at a range of prices, so there’s bound to be something that suits what you’re looking for. You can even include a branded gift box to present it in.

Toys and games

For something a little lighter and more fun, we also have a range of toys and games for your employees to take home or enjoy in the office, perfect for staff parties or for employees who have kids.

There are so many uses for promotional products for your business, so contact Custom Advertising to get a quote today.