Creative Promotional Products to Gift Your Customers

There are so many different promotional products you could gift to your customers and clients. You’ve probably gone down the traditional routes like promotional mugs, pens, and paperweights. If you’re looking to mix things up and really stand out, then here are some more creative promotional gift ideas for you to try out.

Edible promotional products

People won’t hesitate to accept a chocolate bar or another edible item with your logo printed on it. You can print your logo on the packaging and also on the chocolate itself. Although customers won’t keep food around them for long like other products, they’ll certainly appreciate and remember your brand for the treat. If you have more of a budget, you could give away a toaster that toasts your logo into bread.

Fun socks

Socks may have been a terrible birthday gift when you were a kid, but face it, you love to receive a pair of fun, colorful socks these days. And your customers will, too. Incorporate your logo and branding into a pair of jazzy socks to give away to your customers. Custom t-shirts and other clothing items are also good ideas.


Umbrellas are a great gift that people can really make the most of during rainy seasons, and you can print them with your logo front and center. Your customers will carry your branded umbrellas around with them when rain is forecast and then leave them by the door in their home or office the rest of the time, so you’ll get plenty of exposure.

Stick-on tattoos

Another fun and temporary way to get your brand out there is with stick-on tattoos. These will be a lot of fun for kids, so they’re ideal for brands that target a younger audience or customers that are likely to have young children. Depending on what your logo is, it could make the perfect tattoo. If not, then you can still use your brand colors in lots of different designs.

Stuffed animals

Another great idea for kids is stuffed toys of your logo, especially if your logo involves an animal or something else cute. Kids keep stuffed toys in their bed and around the house for years, so it’ll be a really valuable and memorable gift for your customers. Small toys might even appeal to adults to place on their desks at work.

Stylus pens

Give the traditional pen gift a twist and bring it into the 21st century. A branded stylus pen will help customers use tablets and other devices with ease. Regular pens make great promotional products, but they’re pretty disposable, unlike stylus pens.

Give the traditional branded products a rest and branch out to some of these creative promotional products. If you need advertising products for your business in Winston Salem, get in touch with us today.