Design Tips for Banners and Signage

The world of branded items isn’t just about promotional products to giveaway to your customers. It also provides you with all the marketing materials you need for your business premises and elsewhere. A big part of this (and we mean that literally) are outdoor banners and signage. These large-form printed materials can really grab people’s attention and make your brand recognizable. But their large form can also make design a challenge.

Read on for our tips on designing effective and eye-catching banners and signs for your business…

Make it clear and readable

The name of your business along with any other text on your banner should be clear and easy to read from a distance. This means you should use large text and a bold font in your banner design. Don’t choose a font that is overly italicized as this may be difficult to read. You can’t get your message across if people can’t read it.

Keep quality in mind

The graphics you use in your banner design are going to be blown up and stretched to meet the large proportions of your banner. If you choose small, low-quality graphics, then they’re not going to look good once you’ve blown them up. Images will be pixelated or stretched to uneven proportions. This will make them unclear and the poor quality will reflect badly on your business.

Choose colors carefully

You want to design your banner with colors that are eye-catching and attractive, but without detracting from the rest of the banner. Think about where you’re going to place your banner or sign and choose a color that will contrast that setting and stand out against it. You might also want to think about the psychology of different colors when designing your banner, as this may have an impact on how people respond to and engage with it.

Make your brand the focus

Don’t get so caught up in pretty graphics and colors that pop that you forget the main aim of your banner: to draw attention to your brand. Make sure that your brand name, logo, and message are clearly communicated in your banner or sign. When deciding all the other elements of your banner, make sure they are in keeping with your brand image and values.

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