Design Tips for Your Product Packaging and Labels

A good business is nothing without great branding and promotion. Similarly, even great products are unlikely to sell well if they don’t get their promotion right, and a huge part of this is their packaging. When a customer sees your product on the shelf, the packaging should be eye-catching, on-brand, and it should let them know what they’re getting if they buy this product, and why they should do so.

So, let’s look at some tips to help you design effective product packaging and labels.

Stand out on the shelf

This is especially important if your product is going to be sold somewhere like a supermarket, where it will be surrounded by similar products from different brands. You need to catch the customer’s eye as they’re browsing or passing by. So, it’s important to make your packaging look bold and appealing.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but try not to make the mistake of trying to do too much on your packaging. Colors can be great at grabbing attention, but try not to make your packaging too loud and cluttered. Sometimes, the more simple, minimalistic design is the most effective at drawing the eye.

Push the benefits

Once you’ve caught their eye and they decide to take a closer look, the information on your label or packaging needs to bring it home. Rather than focusing on the features of your product, try to translate these into benefits for the customer. These tell the customer why they should choose your product, how it will improve their life, even if that’s in a very small way.

Don’t oversell

You want to make your product sound amazing, but any claims that you make should still be accurate. If false claims and exaggerations on your packaging encourage someone to buy your product, then they’re going to be disappointed once they open it up and realize that you oversold it. This could impact your brand affinity with that customer, and others if they decide to tell friends and family or post about it online. It could even cause legal trouble in some situations.

Consider sustainability

Lots of individuals are looking for ways to live more sustainably, and so they want the brands that they buy from to do the same. Reducing plastic packaging, using recycled materials, and ensuring that your packaging is widely recyclable could convince someone to buy your product over a less sustainable option.

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