Designing Point of Purchase Displays

Printed promotional media is a great strategy for boosting sales of products in-store. There are various types of advertising and promotional materials that can help to market products and ranges effectively in-store, including eye-catching point of purchase (POP) displays. Let’s dive deeper into point of purchase displays to find out how you can use them to successfully promote your products.

What are point of purchase displays?

A POP display is an in-store marketing tool that is designed to encourage customers to buy a certain product or from a particular brand or range of products while they are in the store. While POP displays are typically printed, more modern examples include digital displays. The products are laid out in an eye-catching way, usually away from traditional shelved items. As well as promoting the brand and the product, point of purchase displays may also advertise enticing promotions or discounts.

Why are they important?

Research has found that 70% of retail purchases are only decided on when customers are already in the store that they go on to purchase from. And it’s these kinds of buying decisions that point of purchase displays aim to tap into.

These displays are positioned next to the products themselves as this is where most customers make their decision on whether to buy a product or not. The displays and products may also be positioned close to the checkout to encourage impulse buying decisions.

As well as leveraging buyers who decide to purchase something only once they see it, POP displays can help to sway shoppers from one brand to another if they have come into the store already aiming to buy a certain type of product.

Tips for getting point of purchase displays right

The key to getting your POP displays right is knowing why you’re creating one and what you want to achieve from it. They are commonly used to advertise a new product or an attractive offer. You could even use a POP display if you’ve recently rebranded, helping to improve recognition of your new branding. Whatever it is, make sure you know the intent of your display so you can design it with your marketing goals and your target audience in mind.

Your display should be eye-catching, as your messages won’t be successful if they aren’t seen by shoppers. For this reason, the location of your display matters a lot, too. Think about areas of the store that get a lot of traffic and areas where shoppers might be more inclined to browse rather than heading straight for what they want. As well as drawing shoppers in with attractive visuals, make sure that any messages displayed are quick and easy to understand, and that they make it clear why customers should be intrigued.

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