Free and Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

Whether you’re a new business looking to attract your first customers on a start-up’s budget, or are simply looking for some low-cost ways to market yourself, this blog has some great ideas for you. Not all marketing campaigns have to break the bank, so let’s look at some creative and effective ways to market your business without spending too much.

Social media

You’ve potentially got an audience of millions on social media, and you can create a profile and start posting for your brand completely free of charge. Read some tips on how to get started or improve your engagement on social media. And if you do decide to invest a budget into advertising on social media, then you can do so on a fairly low budget with a great deal of control over how much you spend.

Email marketing

Sending emails out to your customers or audience is another marketing activity that you can do for free. You can collect email addresses through your website or a specific landing page, which you can link to from your social media, or from customers who buy from you in-store. Keep those customers engaged and interested in your brand with emails with latest news, products, useful tips, and more.

Business networking

This one’s especially great for B2B businesses, but can be beneficial for all kinds of businesses, particularly those targeting local customers. Search online for networking events in your area. You might be able to find some free ones, but paid ones are still usually a low price. This lets you meet people from other local businesses and make valuable connections, maybe even finding a new client for your company.

Creating content

If you have any writing abilities, then you can create your own blogs and other kinds of content to publish online. If you already have a website, then that’s a great place to start publishing your articles. Or you can publish some content for free on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

Promotional products

Print marketing certainly isn’t dead, and it can be an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business. Think of low-cost items like pens and stress balls that can be given away to your customers. You can purchase these and have them custom-printed at extremely reasonable prices, especially if you’re buying in bulk. That gives you some great items to give away in-store or shipped with products bought online.

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