How to Integrate Promotional Products into Your Social Media Strategy

In an increasingly digital world, traditional marketing strategies like promotional products can help you to stand out. This doesn’t mean you should shun digital media in favor of traditional marketing because online marketing is essential in this day and age. But, integrating your traditional marketing with your digital marketing is a great strategy for improving your promotional efforts and reaching a wider audience.

Since social media is such an effective way to promote your brand, here are some tips to help you integrate your promotional products into your social media strategy…

Online contests for offline prizes

Your branded products make great prizes and freebies for your audience, and it’s a win-win situation. They get something for free while you benefit from brand exposure when people use your advertising products. Think of promotional products that will be valuable prizes, such as tech products. Social media is a great place to hold contests and giveaways with these branded products as prizes. Just ask your followers to share your post to enter the competition, helping to give your brand more exposure online as well as offline.

Print handles and hashtags

It’s a common strategy for companies to print their website URL on some branded products, allowing the user to go online and find out more about the brand. You can update this strategy and bring it into the world of social media by printing your Twitter handle instead, such as @CustomAdsNC. These are usually shorter and simpler than URLs, making it easier for users to search for online.

Alternatively, you can print hashtags related to your brand, allowing your customers to read and join in discussions about your brand on social media. This is especially great for events. Create a specific hashtag for your event and print it on any items given away that day.

Incentivize social sharing after purchase

Your customers sharing their latest purchase on social media is great word of mouth marketing for your brand, so you should try to encourage this. Whether it’s in-store or with an online order, add a free branded product to their purchase with your social media details printed on it to encourage them to share. You can even use promotional products as a reward to incentivize sharing.

At Custom Advertising, we have a wide range of customizable branded products to help you promote your business and combine your social media and your offline marketing. Get in touch for a quote or check out the products available in our online store.