How to personalize your gifts

When you’re giving close friends, family members, or your partner gifts multiple times a year, it can become hard to know what to get them. You want it to be personal and meaningful, but also something that isn’t just going to be forgotten about at the back of a drawer. One way to add a personal touch to any gift you give is to have those gifts customized and personalized for your loved one.

Lots of gift websites and printing services will print messages, icons, and names on lots of different items to make a great gift for your loved ones. How you personalize them is up to you and should be both tailored to the recipient and suitable for the item. The simplest way is to simply print the recipient’s name on the gift, e.g. “Charlie’s Water Bottle” on a reusable water bottle that they’ll use every day. Or you can print a longer message with a meaningful sentiment. There are lots of different ways to make your gifts more personal to the person (or pet!) that you’re gifting them to.

Some great gifts that you could personalize

We’ve already mentioned reusable water bottles, one of the recent trends as we all try to reduce our consumption of single-use plastics. So, what other personalized items could make great gifts?

Sport and fitness

If your loved one loves to go to the gym or take part in a particular sport, then equipment or accessories for these are a useful and thoughtful gift. You could personalize clothing, sports bags, equipment such as golf clubs or tennis racquets, and much more.

Travel gear

Or maybe they love to travel, giving you lots of great gift options. You could custom print luggage tags to make sure they don’t lose their bags at the airport, or buy a customized passport cover to add some personality to their ID. Or add a personal touch to their suitcase, backpack, or smaller luggage items. 


From engraved USB flash drives to custom printed cases for phones, tablets, and laptops, tech items and accessories give you lots of great gift-giving options. You could personalize mouse pads, power banks, speakers, and more.

Desk items

Give a friend or colleague everything they need to get through a day at work, and add a personal touch to their stationery and accessories for their desk. Some good options are desk caddies to keep their desks organized, notepads and other note-taking stationery, tools like staplers and calculators, and even mugs for the coffee breaks throughout the day.

What personalized item would make the perfect gift for your friend, family member, partner, or colleague? Check out our online store to see the wide range of custom items and promotional products on offer from Custom Advertising in Winston Salem.