Promotional Products for Winter

We’ve looked before at some summer marketing ideas and the promotional products you could provide to ensure your customers enjoy summer fun. Now it’s time to warm up for winter! A lot of your marketing at this time will likely be focused on the holiday season, but let’s look at some specific promotional products that are great for this time of year.

Warm clothing

Whether it’s for your staff or your customers, clothing with your company name and logo printed on it is a great way to get more exposure for your brand. But there’s not much point in giving out branded t-shirts if they’re going to be hidden under layers during the colder months, so think about outerwear such as hoodies, fleeces, and jackets. These can look very professional if you’re looking for branded apparel for your employees in the winter months.

Hats and gloves

It’s important to keep the head warm, too, when you’re out and about in winter. Branded beanies and knitted hats are a great gift for your valued clients and customers in the winter, as well as for your employees to wear if you’re attending outdoor events, for example. And gloves are also an essential, whether they’re just for keeping warm or for sports like golf. We even have some sets of hats, gloves, scarves, and socks for all your winter warming needs.

Heat packs

If you’re looking for smaller items to give away as freebies with a purchase or to hand out at tradeshows and conventions, then heat packs are a great winter option. You just put these packs in the microwave and then you can use them to warm up your hands. And they can be reused in the summer by putting them in the freezer to act as a cooling pack. Hot and cold packs are also great gifts for your employees if they ever need warming up at their desks.

Holiday gifts

Winter isn’t just about the cold but also about the holiday season. Show your appreciation of your employees with holiday gifts to celebrate the end of the year, or send out branded gifts to your customers and clients to show that they are valued. Gift baskets of food and drink are always popular, or you can browse our selection of executive gifts.

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