Promotional Products in the Time of Coronavirus

The year 2020 has been difficult in a number of ways due to the coronavirus. One challenge many people have faced is keeping their business afloat as places started to close and people were advised to stay home. Businesses had to adapt to selling and marketing primarily online, and are now working especially hard to bring customers back in and encourage them to buy.

While many businesses have struggled, others have thrived online, making the most of a bad situation and trying to use it to their advantage. This is something you can achieve with your promotional products, too. When offering your customers freebies and distributing branded products, you should aim to provide something that’s useful to your customers.

So, it’s time to think about what kind of promotional products your customers could use in 2020 and beyond. Here are some examples of branded products available from Custom Advertising that could help your customers through coronavirus and lockdowns…

Face masks

Wearing a face mask in public, particularly indoors and in crowded spaces, is becoming the new normal, at least for now. In some places it is even mandatory, so make sure your employees and customers are well-equipped with branded face masks.

While many people opt for plain masks, others might want more colorful or novelty face masks to show off their individual style. We have a range of face masks available, whether you want them plain or customized. Custom Ad are currently stocking 3 ply face masks, KN 95 face masks, bandanas, and custom buffs.

Hand sanitizer

Personal hygiene is also a big priority right now. Washing our hands regularly and using hand sanitizer while we’re on the go helps to protect both ourselves and others from getting infected. A bottle of hand sanitizer is becoming a must-have accessory.

At Custom Advertising, we have partnered with local companies to offer bottles of hand sanitizer with the option to customize the label for your brand. Why not giveaway free hand sanitizer to your customers to keep them healthy while showing off your branding? We have a variety of products available, including sanitizer bottles that can clip to your keys or belt.

Show that you care about your customers during coronavirus with promotional gifts that help to contain the spread. With these accessories in-tow, customers may feel more comfortable shopping in-store with your brand, helping you to get your sales back on track. Contact Custom Advertising or visit our online store to see the range of products we have available.