Summer Branding and Marketing Ideas

Are you looking to attract more customers and boost your business this summer? It’s time to get seasonal with your marketing and promotional products in order to bring in the business you need to reach your goals.

Whether you’re looking for something to do right now to grow your business or you’re planning ahead for next year, read on for some of our summer marketing and branding tips and ideas.

Seasonal offers

Everyone loves a good saving, so use the summer season as an excuse to offer some to your customers. If it fits into what your business sells, it’s a good idea to put offers and discounts on items that will be popular at this time of year, like summer clothing and back-to-school stationery.

Discounting your products can help to increase your sales and improve customer loyalty, making them more likely to keep buying from you even when the sales end. You can promote your deals on social media and by sending newsletters out to your mailing list.

Take your promotions outdoors

With the nice weather driving more people to spend time outdoors, the summer is the best time to invest in large print, outdoor advertising like banners and signs. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, then you might be getting more foot traffic outside your business as a result of the nice weather, so make sure you have some quality signs and wall or window graphics to let people know what you have to offer.

Branded products for summer vacations

What should your promotional product strategy look like during the summer? One strategy is to focus on summer vacations and provide your loyal customers with freebies to help them prepare for theirs. Think sunscreen, beach balls, towels, and summer hats. Give these away to reward loyal customers or to entice new customers in and make sure your branding is printed prominently on those products.

Send a postcard

Postcards have dropped in popularity among vacationers now that we can easily keep in touch online from wherever we are. But when everyone used to send a postcard home to their friends and family from their sunny vacation, it was exciting to receive one in the post and find out what our loved ones had been up to.

Bring that feeling back by advertising your business on a summery postcard. You can hand these out in-store or, even better, send them to your customers by direct mail to advertise your latest products, news, and offers.

What’s your summer marketing strategy for the remainder of this season? If you need any summer-themed promotional products printing for your brand, then contact Custom Advertising for a quote on a wide selection of fun and useful advertising products.