Supporting Your Staff’s Mental Health

If you want to be a good boss or a good manager, then the wellbeing of your employees should be a priority. And this goes for their mental health as well as their physical health. Showing compassion and being supportive as a manager will help your employees have greater job satisfaction, in turn reducing staff turnover and absenteeism. Happy and healthy employees are also more productive and motivated employees, so there are lots of benefits to you and the company as well as to the staff themselves.

So, if you’re figuring out how you can better support their mental health in and out of the office, read on for some tips and ideas.

Encourage work/life balance

A good work/life balance is key to enjoying your job. If employees are constantly having to work late, then they’re missing out on precious moments with their family or are unable to truly unwind and spend time on the things they enjoy at home. So, avoid the overtime and encourage your employees to take breaks during the day. Offer some flexibility as well, if a staff member needs to finish early to collect their kids from school, for example. The last year or so has shown many bosses that their staff can still be productive when working from home.

Communicate openly

If an employee is having a problem at home that’s impacting their work negatively, they should feel like they can come and talk to you about it. This is an atmosphere that you need to foster yourself. Communicating openly and honestly with your employees will make them feel like they can do the same. Make sure they know that anything they share with you will remain confidential, and try to really listen to them and support them if they do come to you with anything like this.

Show that you care

If your employees see you as an understanding and caring boss, then they are more likely to speak openly if they are facing mental health issues. Plus, feeling that they are valued at work is great for job satisfaction. There are lots of ways to show that you value your employees, from verbal praise for a job well done to more tangible rewards like bonuses and gifts.

Gift sets and care packages are a good way to reward your employees and support their wellbeing with branded products. You can provide gift hampers of food and drink or care packages filled with things that could help their mental wellbeing, such as toiletries for a relaxing pamper session at home. Encourage your staff to look after their own wellbeing by purchasing a gym membership, spa day, or massage sessions for them, for example.

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