The Best Promotional Products for Kids

If your business sells products targeted toward children or perhaps products or services targeted toward parents, then you might want to think of a strategy for promotional products and advertising products that appeal to kids. These can be used to market your business to kids and their parents, or given away as freebies with their orders.

By doing this well, the kids will want to keep the products around, which means the parents will see them regularly around the house or being played with, further exposing them to your brand and keeping you front of mind. So, let’s look at some ideas for fun promotional products you could use for a young demographic.


There is a wide range of low-cost toys that you can print with your branding and give out to your customers. Fidget spinners are one popular option that the kids might play with around the house and carry with them out of the house. Balls and other fun toys can be good for throwing around in the backyard. And just think of the range of novelty toys you loved as a kid, like slinkies, yo-yos, and kites. Take a look at the range of custom toys we have available to buy.


Provide the fun for family games nights with your branding front-and-center. Providing something substantial like a board game means that it’s unlikely to just get thrown straight out. Parents will keep games for their kids to play. We have games that are great for kids and families such as tower building games and dominoes. And there’s this mini cornhole game, too.

Stuffed animals

From babies to 10+ years, a lot of kids across practically all ages love stuffed animals to cuddle in bed or carry around like a kind of security blanket. We have a range of cute stuffed animals that you can complete with your branding to give away as freebies or prizes to your young customers.

School supplies

Back to school time can be fun for kids when it comes to picking out their own supplies, like backpacks, pencil cases, pens and pencils, notepads, and more. They get to browse all the different-colored items and look for supplies featuring their favorite characters, movies, and games. Check out our office supplies and stationery, with something to suit everyone.

Whatever your promotional product needs may be, you can browse our online store or contact Custom Advertising to get a quote for your business.