The Importance of Using Branded Promotional Items

Whether you’re a new business or already established, you’re probably looking for ways to increase your exposure and attract more customers. Luckily, there are lots of different ways you can achieve this, but it’s all about finding the right mix of marketing activities for your company.

One effective method is using branded promotional items. How can these benefit your business and why is it still an important way to keep gaining brand exposure?

Get your brand seen

If someone has never heard of your business, chances are they won’t respond well to a sales pitch. But if you hand them a no-strings-attached free product, like pens or promotional mugs with your logo on, then they’re probably going to take it. Then, as they use that item or simply leave it lying around on their desk, they’ll keep being exposed to your brand name and logo.

Keep your brand front of mind

Branded promotional products are not a hard-sell, a tactic that can put people off when businesses try it. But this doesn’t mean they can’t make you more sales. Whenever someone writes with one of your branded pens or squeezes one of your custom stress balls, your brand is on their mind, whether they’re aware of it or not. They might not need what you’re selling right now, but if they do in the future, then chances are high that you’ll be the first brand they think of. The same goes for if someone asks them for a recommendation. They’ll look down at their pen and think “I know the perfect company!”

Improve customer loyalty

Free branded products aren’t just for those you want to turn into customers, but also for your existing customers. Show your customers and clients that you value their business with free items that they might find useful, from stationery to clothing. This helps to encourage repeat business from those customers.

Stand out from the crowd

Every business is online these days. They’re putting out ads, emails, website content, and more. While these all have important places in marketing, they can easily get lost in the crowd, especially when not done properly. A physical, tangible object like a branded promotional product is much harder to ignore, more memorable, and even useful, making it stand out more. It’s not only there for marketing purposes; your client can also use it in their day-to-day life, which is more likely to get it and your brand noticed.

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