Using Promotional Products for Customer Service

Promotional and branded products have a number of potential functions in your business. One that you might not have considered yet is using promotional products to assist your customer service strategy.

Keeping your customers satisfied is an important part of fostering loyalty among them and driving more sales and profits as a result. So, when someone inquires about a product or complains about an order they’ve placed with you, then it’s essential that you respond in a timely and helpful manner. You want to resolve their issue as quickly and effectively as possible so that they’re more likely to buy from you again and leave positive feedback, even if their initial contact with you was negative.

With this in mind, here’s how you can use promotional products to help with your customer service.

Resolving a complaint

There are a number of reasons a customer could potentially complain after placing an order with you, buying something in-store, or using one of your services. Maybe the delivery was late or didn’t arrive for some reason. Maybe the product broke soon after they started using it or wasn’t functioning when it arrived.

It’s important that you show the customer that you care about their opinion and want to ensure that they’re satisfied, because you want them to buy from you again. Sending them a free promotional product as a gift could be a great apology or just a nice additional touch when resolving their problem. This is perfect for when you have to reship them a new product to replace one that isn’t working or that didn’t arrive. Include a free branded product in there to sweeten the deal.

Incentivizing reviews

You also want to collect lots of positive feedback and reviews online. This serves as social proof for other people considering using your services or buying your products. Positive reviews encourage others to buy. You could use promotional products to thank people for leaving feedback or encourage them to do so.

Rewarding loyalty

Another important part of quality customer service is ensuring that your loyal customers are well looked after. Making them feel valued as customers will encourage them to keep coming back. Whether someone is buying from you online or in-store, you could give them a free promotional product along with their fifth or tenth purchase, for example.

Promotional branded products are an extremely versatile way to promote your business and reward your valued customers. Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your promotional product strategy.