What Techniques Do We Use for Custom Printing?

Have you ever wondered how companies get your logos, brand names, and other custom printing on different products? Here at Custom Advertising, we print branded products in-house, so we can tell you exactly what techniques we use to deliver quality advertising products to our customers. Whether it’s t-shirts, hats, bags, water bottles, keychains, or custom stress balls, there’s a technique that delivers the best results.

Screen printing

Screen printing is a technique commonly used for clothing, but it can be used to print onto a variety of promotional products. It uses a mesh stencil of the desired design, through which ink is pressed to form detailed text or imagery on the material. This is an efficient way of printing large imagery on t-shirts or hoodies, for example.


Embroidery is a more intricate technique, so it is typically reserved for smaller logos. With embroidery, text, logos, or patches are embroidered onto clothing, resulting in a high-quality and professional appearance. Designs to be embroidered are digitized to make sure our machines achieve the highest level of detail and accuracy.

Direct to garment printing

Another quality option for your branded clothing and uniforms is direct to garment printing. This uses inkjet technology to produce a detailed, vibrant design on a variety of clothing items. The ink is sprayed onto the fabric and soaks into its fibers. It’s a versatile and efficient technique that can be used for single items or large batches.

Digital transfer printing

Digital transfer printing is a great way to achieve highly complex designs on your promotional products. This technique can be used for clothing and on other materials. We print the design onto transfer paper, cut out the design, and then apply the text or image onto the material using heat and pressure.


HXD produces photo-realistic imagery and textures through mechanical printing processes, so you don’t have to compromise color for texture, or vice versa. It can be used on pretty much any material, so you’re not limited to branded clothing. It also produces extremely durable results, so your design won’t wash or wear off.

Laser etching

Laser etching can be used on a variety of fabrics, plastics, metals, and more. This technique uses a laser to melt and cut into the top layer of the fabric. It only impacts at a very small depth, so it is still suited to thin materials. The design is created digitally and then communicated with the laser to achieve the desired result on the fabric.

Let us know what you need printing and we can help you decide which technique is right for the job. Get in touch with Custom Advertising if you need high-quality custom printing for your advertising products around Winston Salem, Clemmons, and Lewisville.