In-House Solutions

Put our knowledge about promotional products to work for you. Simply take a look around or contact us now and we'll do the shopping for you!


Using the latest screen printing technology, we can create beautiful branded apparel entirely in-house. This is ideal for t-shirts, fleece hoodies, jackets, pants, and even bags. Screen printing is a good choice for larger logos or brand messages (as opposed to small logos embroidered into shirts, for instance). By screen printing a variety of apparel and accessories, your staff will have all sorts of good-looking ways to embody your brand, whether they’re working on location or out and about.



Embroidered branded apparel is ideal for company uniforms, sponsored shirts, and other clothing that represents your brand professionally. From button-downs to Polo shirts, hats to jackets, embroidering your logo is a long-lasting way to show off your brand. We use digitizing to ensure the cleanest embroidery work. By working with digital proofs, we can create artistic and unique looks before the production begins, ensuring it comes out great every time. Applique creates embroidered material with depth to its look. Large logos, team prints, and even vintage designs look great with the applique (and reverse applique) process. You can use this process on everything from shirts to bags, and even hats.


Branded apparel spreads awareness of your brand out in public and can serve as a uniform for your team, making sure everyone looks on brand. The best technique for producing quality branded apparel is direct to garment printing. This uses inkjet technology to print a logo or slogan directly onto the fabric. It can be used economically for anything from a single shirt to a whole batch of clothing.



Digital transfers and prints allow for complex designs on promotional products and fabric. We can even create multi-step designs that combine digital transfers with embroidery for attractive and attention-grabbing combinations.


HXD - A New Dimension of Printing

HXD combines the raised surface and high-value appearance of embroidery with the range of colors found in True Edge Transfer for a new level of branded apparel. HXD is extremely durable and can be used on everything from cloth to vehicles. When used on branded apparel, HXD stands up to machine washing and dry cleaning no problem. HXD also allows us to use photo-realistic textures on the branding for a sharp look you can’t get with any other printing method. Tones like silver, gold, and chrome will really make your images pop on apparel and bags.



Laser etching involves “melting” the top layer of polyester material for a smooth look. But it’s a great choice for a variety of fabrics, such as vinyl, leather, fleece, and polyester blends. You can also use it on hats, but we recommend only using it on the bill of the hat. Fabrics that are non-color-fast or are over-dyed may not hold the design as well in the laundry.

Wide Format Printing

Unlike other large-format printing techniques such as screen-printing, wide-format printing is an economical choice for short-run projects, such as event signage for a small business, trade show signage, banner printing for a weekend event like a cycling race, or printing a limited run of posters for an art show.


Pad Printing

Pad printing is a printing method that allows the transfer of a 2-dimensional image onto a 3-dimensional object. This process is used for printing on products that are difficult to print on such as rigid and concaved surfaces. 

Online Stores

Your company merch, always available.

24/7 Online Ordering​

Don’t tie up your staff with continuous orders for your branded products. With a website built to handle this for you, orders can be taken and handled any time of day with a virtual team that never sleeps.

Your Virtual Inventory

Hassle-free orders! We’ll stock your branded inventory for you, and ship it directly when someone places an order. This gives you all the power of a larger organization with a distribution plant for your materials without the overheads.

Packaging and Fulfillment Services

In addition to the variety of sourcing and printing solutions we offer, our extensive experience with fulfillment programs is built on a track record of timely service in all industries.

You can use us as a resource for large orders, domestic or otherwise. We’ll create the products, package them, and handle the distribution for you to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. Fulfillment is often used in conjunction with our e-commerce solutions, giving our customers a 24/7 method of taking orders and processing them.

Every order is inspected and verified by our team before being distributed to your destination. From Point of Purchase displays to tagging and special packaging, we have you covered for all your promotional needs. This is how we can function as an extension of our customers’ marketing teams, allowing you to take orders and fulfill them quickly and efficiently without having to dramatically increase your own staff or expenses.

If you need custom packaging, we can do that for you as well. Branding doesn’t stop at the products; when even the shipping materials bear your brand, it drives home that premium sense of commitment.

If you’ve been looking for a fulfillment partner, look no further. Custom Advertising has the solutions and processes you need to streamline your branding. Contact us today to learn more!