The Best Promotional Products for Home Offices

For your customers who work from home, setting up the perfect home office is key to boosting their productivity each day. As well as designing the space and bringing in all the furniture they need, they will also need office equipment, stationery, and other things. This is a great opportunity for you to share your promotional products with your customers and have them position your products somewhere they’ll see them almost every day.

If your products make their work days a little easier, then they’ll be sure to remember your brand fondly. With that in mind, here are some promotional products you could use that will work perfectly in home offices.

Branded stationery

A well-organized home worker needs to have pens and paper on hand to take notes whenever is necessary. So, a complete stationery set is essential to stock up on. Other stationery items they might need include envelopes, paperclips, staples, post-it notes, and an eraser, among many others. You’ve got two options here; you can either give away individual items with your branding printed on them, or you can put together a complete stationery kit with the packaging branded as your own.

A promotional desk organizer

Now to get all that stationery and other items organized on the desk so that they’re on hand when needed. A desk organizer or desk caddy is a great way to organize everything so that your desk is tidy and you know where everything is. With your branding printed where it can be seen, your customer will be reminded of how much you have helped to make their work day a little easier and more orderly.

Branded coffee cups

It’s not all about work. The lunch breaks and coffee breaks are just as important for morale and productivity. A reusable branded coffee cup will keep your customers going at work and will reduce chances of spillages. Invest in dishwasher-friendly coffee cups so they can stick the cup in the dishwasher and have it clean and ready to use for the next day or the next coffee break.

Desk tech

Technology makes working life easier in a number of ways, and you can help your customers in this area without spending too much on promotional products. You could supply branded earbud headphones to help your customers make calls or listen to music while they work. A portable cellphone charger that sits on the desk will allow them to charge their phone without having to use the outlet that’s on the other side of the room. USB sticks also come in handy, so get your company branded on those and start giving them away.

If you want to put your branding on any of the products suggested here, then contact Custom Advertising to find out how we can help. Or you can browse the range of advertising products we have available for your brand.