Try Out Reusable Coffee Cups

As people across the world try to reduce their waste (particularly plastic waste), we see a lot of people walking around with reusable water bottles so they can stay hydrated throughout the day without using multiple plastic bottles or disposable cups. They’re not just for exercise or going to the gym anymore; lots of people use their water bottles during their work day, as well.

But what about the times of day when you need a caffeine fix? Investing in a reusable coffee cup can help to reduce your waste, too.

The benefits of reusable coffee cups

If you’re someone who grabs a coffee from your favorite coffee shop each morning on your way to work, then each drink you buy is using a cup that will soon be thrown out. Most cafés and coffee shops are now doing their bit to make sure these cups are as easily recyclable as possible and contain less plastic, but it’s still more material used than if you’d just poured a coffee into a proper mug at home.

And with millions of people around the world doing this every day, disposable coffee mugs add up to a lot of waste, especially considering not everyone will recycle them properly. By using your own reusable coffee mug instead, you’re saving that waste every time you order a coffee.

And buying that reusable mug could even save you money as some places offer a small discount to customers using their own cups. When their customers use their own cups, the coffee shop goes through fewer cups and, therefore, can spend less money on restocking them.

When to use reusable coffee cups

You may feel a little awkward at first handing your reusable coffee cup over to the barista to fill, but most coffee shops allow you to do this, and you’ll get used to it after a few times and realize it’s not so strange. As well as at your local coffee shop, another good place to use your reusable cup is at work if your office has a coffee machine with disposable plastic or Styrofoam cups. You may also find public places, such as hospitals, with this kind of arrangement where you could use your cup.

Branded reusable coffee cups

As reusable cups and other drinkware become increasingly popular, there’s the opportunity for brands to promote themselves by giving away or selling coffee cups with their brand identity printed on them. Coffee shops, for example, could sell branded cups for their customers to use, so they’re still getting the same exposure when someone walks around with their own cup. Companies in general could give branded cups to their employees for a unified image, or they can give them away to loyal customers or at places like tradeshows.

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