2023 Promotional Products Trends

Promotional products are ideal for getting your brand out there and in the hands of people you want to remember you. But those products have to be useful to the recipient to maximize your brand’s exposure, so it can be helpful to keep up with the trends of promotional product marketing. Here are a handful of products that we’ve seen taking over the promotional products space in 2023.

Yeti cups

Yeti cups are all the rage right now, so they’d be the perfect free gift for your customers and prospects. These insulated, metal cups are designed to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, supposedly for days. With eco-friendliness in mind, people like to take their Yeti cups to coffee shops as an alternative for single-use, takeaway coffee cups. As something that people can use again and again, these cups are a great item to have your brand emblazoned on.

Book bags

A good quality bag can be used regularly for years to come, making them the perfect way to get your brand name and logo out there and in the minds of people. Canvas bags are great quality and stylish, so they tend to be popular options. There are lots of different types of bags you could give away, but book bags are a strong choice this year, especially for brands who want to target students.

Zip jackets

With spring upon us, zip jackets are a great choice for your promotional products. But light zip jackets can be useful throughout the summer, too, especially as it starts to get cooler in the evenings. You can use a variety of styles for jackets to suit your demographic and the climate you’re living in.

Outdoorsy things

The fitness industry is booming and people are starting to get out and enjoy the fresh air more, especially going into spring and summer. So, you could have a range of promotional products that are fit for outdoor use or during exercise, such as fitness trackers, stainless steel water bottles, and active wear.

Anything for work

Things that help people in their everyday work life are always going to be popular. These can be simple things like personalized mugs for the office or a range of branded pens so that the office never runs out. These kinds of products are great for businesses to give to their employees as well as their clients.

There are lots of options when it comes to promotional products this year and so many different materials to work with. If you need branded promotional products for your business, then get in touch with us at Custom Ad.