Custom Branded Products for the Workplace

Branded products are great for giving away to your customers as freebies and perks, but that isn’t all they’re good for. Many companies have advertising products printed simply for using around the office. Even if customers aren’t seeing them, there are still lots of ways and benefits of having custom branded products for the workplace.

For brand consistency

Your brand identity isn’t just for your audience and customers to see. It also helps your team understand what they are part of and what they are working towards. It helps to develop a sense of belonging and teamwork among your employees if they are all using stationery and other products with the same brand colors and logos, and maybe even wearing clothing that’s branded the same.

For meeting with clients

If you have client meetings or presentations in your offices, then presenting yourself and your team with branded stationery, drinkware, and other items can make you look all the more professional. It also helps to reinforce your brand in their minds, which is a real plus when meeting with prospective clients.

To reward employees

You might send a free branded gift out to a loyal customer in order to reward them, so why not do the same for your employees? If you have incentives like employee of the month, then a branded product could be a part of the reward they receive. Think nice products that someone would like to receive, rather than an easily disposable pen with your logo on it. Custom t-shirts, bags, electronics, sports gear, and gift sets could all make great gifts for a star employee.

To welcome new employees

What better way to make a new employee feel like part of the team than with branded products? This helps to reaffirm your brand identity with the new employee, which they will have to become completely familiar with in their new role. It also makes them feel welcome and valued by receiving free gifts. You can also use branded stationery, like folders and papers, in a welcome pack that explains their new position and ground rules to them.

Would custom advertising products be the perfect addition to your workplace? We’ve helped lots of local businesses cement their brand identity around Winston Salem, Clemmons, and Lewisville. Get in touch to find out how we can help you, or take a look at the range of products we offer.