Using Custom T-Shirts to Promote Your Brand

Here at Custom Advertising, we can print your logo, slogan, brand name, and any other details on a custom t-shirt for your brand to use. But how can you use these promotional t-shirts? In this blog, we’ve got some ideas of different ways you can use custom printed t-shirts to promote your brand.

Dress your employees in them

Whether it’s in-store, at tradeshows, or out and about, your employees can serve as walking advertisements for your brand. This has a number of benefits. Firstly, in-store, it allows customers to see who the staff are, so they know who to approach if they need assistance. Wherever your employees wear them, your branded t-shirts will attract the eye of others, enforcing your brand in their mind and perhaps even prompting people to find out more.

Use them as part of a giveaway

People love prizes, and shirts with logos are a great prize to give away. Whether it’s the top prize or a consolation prize, you can run a contest on your social media or in-store and give away a handful of t-shirts to the lucky winners. As well as giving people an incentive to engage with your brand, this also means the winners can become walking advertisements for your brand, too.

Or as a free gift with an order

In a similar vein, you can add a free branded t-shirt to a customer’s order as a free gift. It could be attached to a particular product in order to boost sales of that item, or you could use it as a way to reward customer loyalty. For example, a customer might receive a free t-shirt on their fifth or tenth purchase from you.

Host a t-shirt contest

You can really get creative when it comes to hosting contests for your customers to enter. One way to use your promotional t-shirts is to have your audience post a photo of themselves wearing your t-shirt on social media. You can then choose a winner randomly or award the prize to the most creative photo. This will increase exposure of your brand online as followers of all the entrants might see your brand.

Another contest idea is to have your followers design a new custom t-shirt for your brand. This lets people get creative and use their talents to win something, and you get a fun new t-shirt design out of it. Make sure to feature the winner on your website and social media and, of course, reward them with their own t-shirt among other prizes.

How could your brand make the most of custom t-shirts for its promotion? Get in touch with us to order your new branded t-shirts and other promotional products and custom gifts.