Make Promotional Pens More Interesting

Branded pens are a classic freebie at business conventions and similar events. They’re useful, too, as you often find yourself looking for a pen at home or in the office when you need to note down a phone number or an important message. However, they’re not the most exciting promotional product. Everyone gives out branded pens, so they can start to get boring after a while.

If you’re looking for more fun and exciting alternatives to your typical promotional pens, then we’ve got a few ideas for you.


Brighten up your clients’ office stationery with highlighters in a variety of colors. These are fun and more eye-catching than typical promotional pens, so your clients are more likely to keep them. Highlighter pens are extremely useful for note-taking and studying, making them ideal freebies for students. If your company exhibits at fairs or conventions held in schools and colleges, then branded highlighters could be a great promotional choice.

Stylus pens

Make your promotional products a little more high-tech by giving away branded stylus pens. These can be used with touchscreen devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Cheap promotional pens are easily thrown away or left behind, but your clients will appreciate a stylus pen and keep it for its value. Stylus pens can also be 2-in-1, so they can be used as a regular pen as well.

Light up pens

Light up pens are another 2-in-1 product, or even 3-in-1 when incorporated within a stylus pen. Your customers may appreciate this kind of pen for its novelty and fun appearance, especially children, or they might actually find use for the light when reading in low light, for example.

USB pens

Combine your need to write or sketch on paper with your digital work with handy USB pens. These custom pens have USBs built into them, so you can easily switch from pen and paper to uploading, saving, and transferring files from one device to another.

The ultimate custom pen

The survival pen is a handy companion in the office and on a campsite. This stylus pen is also fitted with a flashlight, a compass, a screwdriver, and a stand for your smartphone. It’s a modern take on the Swiss Army Knife. Have your branding printed on one of these pens to provide value to your customers in a variety of ways.

If you want promotional pens or any other advertising products for your business, then contact Custom Advertising or take a look at the range of products we have on offer.