Promotional Ideas for a New Product Launch

Think back to when you first started up your business. New start-ups face a huge challenge when it comes to getting the word out about their brand and the products or services that they offer. You need effective promotional strategies to build awareness and interest in order to start making sales, and you might not have much of a budget to achieve this.

Now, as an established business, you may face similar challenges when it comes to launching new products or services, except now hopefully with a bigger budget and more brand recognition. If you’re looking for creative ways to promote your product launch, then read on for some ideas.

Build the hype on social media

If you’re an established business, then you likely already have a social media following. Leading up to your product launch, tease to your followers that something exciting is coming, revealing more and more details as you get closer to the launch. Get your audience intrigued and interested before you eventually let them know what your new products will be.

This strategy can work even if you’re a small business with a small following, and you can even do it for free or you can boost your promotion a little with social media ads.

Make use of influencers

If you don’t have a big following, then you could try to leverage the huge audiences that social media influencers have to help you reach a wider audience. Reach out to influencers that are relevant to your brand and the product, e.g. a fitness influencer if you’re launching new running shoes or workout equipment.

How this arrangement often works is that you send them the product for free, usually before the launch, and they post about it on their social media profiles or write a review of your product on their blog.

Plan a launch party

If you’re aiming for a big product launch, then organize and promote an event for its launch. This is usually reserved for big-ticket items like technology rather than lower-cost products. Create an exciting event and spectacle, and make sure the promotion creates excitement around both the event and the product.

Create an in-store display

If you’re selling in a brick-and-mortar store or your product will be sold in larger stores and supermarkets, then the launch should be promoted in-store, too. Signs in your store window and displays in-store can attract attention to the product and the fact that it’s new.

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