The Wonders of Swag Bags

What’s the best thing about attending a business convention or trade show? The free stuff, of course! Okay, you might also get some valuable contacts, information, and maybe even a few leads, but you can’t forget about the free stuff!

Now that we’re clear on everybody loving free stuff, you should know that a valuable promotional strategy is to give away swag bags at this kind of events to the people that attend, especially if they show an interest in your business.

What is a swag bag?

The word swag originated from an acronym – Stuff We All Get. At trade shows, there’s always plenty of swag to go around, with businesses giving things away in order to grab the attention of delegates. A great way of doing this is to put a load of free promotional items inside a bag for each delegate to take home.

Oh, and the bag is also a free promotional item.

You can hand these swag bags out to people as they walk past your stall. So, even if they don’t stop to chat with you, they’ll still be taking something away to remind them of you.

Why they’re so great

Swag bags have benefits both during and long after these conventions and other events.

At the event, they’re an effective way of drawing people into your stand. They’re like a homing beacon for anyone looking to take some free goodies away from the event. Once you’ve got their attention with the free stuff, they might stop to grab a leaflet or business card from your stand. Or you could even strike up a conversation with them to find out if your products or services could help them.

After the event, anyone who collected a swag bag with you has all these free promotional items that serve as advertising products for your brand. Even if that person didn’t speak to you at the event, they have reminders of your brand around their home or office, increasing exposure of your brand and keeping you at the top of their mind.

What can you put inside swag bags?

There are lots of different things you could include in your swag bag. In terms of branded products, here are a few common items people go for:

  • Branded pens and paper
  • Promotional mugs
  • Custom stress balls
  • Custom t-shirts
  • Branded USB sticks

But there’s so much more to choose from. Just look at the range of items over at our shop.

If your business sells consumable products, like food, drink, or toiletries that people can use, then you could also throw in some free samples. People might try these things when they get home and want to come back to you to buy more.

If you need some high-quality promotional items to put in your swag bag, then get in touch with Custom Advertising – the swag experts in Winston Salem.