What to Print On Your Custom T-Shirts

Custom t-shirts are an extremely versatile promotional product. They are ideal for both your staff and to give away to your customers. You can choose from different styles to suit different people, such as short-sleeved, long-sleeved, or polo shirts. You can purchase t-shirts in a wide array of colors and can print pretty much anything you want on them.

If you’re designing branded t-shirts for your company, then here are some of the essentials that you’ll need to include, plus some other ideas for design inspiration.


Your logo is often the main representation of your brand and the element that’s the most memorable and recognizable to your customers. So, it’s vital that any branded products you have printed include your logo prominently. An otherwise plain t-shirt with your logo printed or embroidered on one side of the chest is a nice, tasteful design that works well for employee uniforms. If you have another design printed on the front of the shirt, then you could incorporate your logo on the back instead.

Brand name

Your brand name could also feature on printed t-shirts. Again, there are so many options with how you do this. It could be a small addition underneath your logo or it could be printed in a larger format across the shirt. It could be the main focus of the t-shirt or integrated in with a larger design.


Another option is to print your company’s slogan or tagline somewhere on the t-shirt. This could prove useful for employee’s uniforms in a retail store, for example. If the back of their t-shirt says something that identifies them as an employee, like “I’m here to help…”, then customers will know they can approach that person if they have a question.

An eye-catching design

You might not want to go with a minimalist design that just features a simple logo or brand name. Another option is to print a colorful and attractive design that will grab people’s attention as they walk by. This is a good way to increase brand exposure and recognition as more people notice the t-shirt.

Event theme

If you’re having custom t-shirts printed for a business convention or another event, then you could incorporate text or images that connect the design to the event. Including your brand and the event makes for professional-looking uniforms for your staff to wear at that event, or a memorable keepsake to give away to interested parties.

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