Avoid Making These Mistakes with Your Branded Products

You can use promotional products in a variety of different ways to promote your business and increase brand awareness and affinity. But, just like any method of marketing, there are plenty of mistakes to be made, especially if it’s your first time buying branded advertising products for your business.

To help you get your promotional product strategy right, here are some common mistakes you should try to avoid.

Ignoring your audience

You could easily go out and design or purchase promotional products that you think look cool and would serve a great purpose, but does your audience think in the same way? The products are for them, not you. So, make sure you understand what your audience wants and needs, how they think, act, and speak, and what kind of style they like, among other things. Keep your audience in mind at all times when choosing products to promote your brand.

Not having a plan

So, you’ve ordered a bunch of promotional products that will make your brand look great and encourage people to buy from you…now what? How are you going to distribute these products? Who are you going to give them to? And, more importantly, what exactly do you want to achieve from them? Before making a single order, make sure you have a comprehensive plan and strategy for your promotional products.

Choosing the cheapest option

Promotional products can be a very cost-effective way of advertising your business. But trying to cut too many corners and trying to save as much money as possible could ruin the success of your strategy. Sure, look for an affordable solution that offers great value, but choosing the cheapest option despite low-quality materials and printing could reflect badly on your brand and make your promotional products strategy ineffective. In the end, you could end up wasting money on cheap products that deliver no return on investment.

Not proofreading your promotional products

Imagine you have a big batch of branded products delivered to your office and they look great! Until you notice a typo or that your number has been misprinted. Even worse, you might not notice until after you’ve started distributing them. Disaster! This could also reflect badly on your business if customers notice, and they won’t be able to get in touch if your contact details are incorrect. Always proofread your text before confirming an order, and have a couple of other people proofread it, too.

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