Make Your Promotional Product Strategy Eco-Friendly

Traditional marketing strategies like using promotional products and print materials are a great way to promote your business, stand out from the competition, and get your audience to remember you. But, in the wake of climate change and the push toward sustainability, should we be rethinking all this use of paper and plastic to market our businesses?

If this is a concern for your brand in 2020, then here are some tips on how to make your promotional product strategy more eco-friendly and sustainable.

Make sure your print materials can be recycled

Paper is a pretty sustainable product because it can be recycled. But the manufacturing process and extras added to paper and card can sometimes make it unrecyclable. Glossy card and paper may be coated with wax or a kind of plastic, which prevents it from being recycled. Plus, adding decoration involving glitter or glue may not be recyclable. Keep things simple in your design to ensure it’s still recyclable.

Use recycled materials

Printing your marketing on recycled paper is a great sustainable move. You can even produce promotional products using recycled plastic materials. Reusing materials reduces the amount of waste on the earth, making your marketing practices more environmentally-friendly. Plus, using recycled materials can help you save money.

Give out reusable advertising products

Encourage your customers to reuse and recycle with the kinds of products you giveaway to them. A reusable shopping bag, water bottle, or coffee cup with your brand printed on it will help them become more environmentally-conscious while showing that your business is, too, which is good for your reputation. You can even try to link the products to your brand. For example, a takeout company could give away branded reusable cutlery to discourage the use of single-use plastic forks.

Display the recycle logo proudly

If your flyers, catalogs, or branded products can be recycled, then make sure the recipient knows that by clearly printing the recycle logo on them alongside your brand. So, as well as cutting back on your own waste, you’re also encouraging your customers to do the same when it comes to your promotional materials. Make sure everything with your brand on it gets disposed of properly if it doesn’t get reused.

Does your company have a strategy in place for sustainable business? Start with your promotional products today. Check out the range of reusable custom advertising products we have available at Custom Advertising, supporting local businesses in Winston Salem, Clemmons, and Lewisville.