Branded Products for Your Remote Team

Over the last 12 months, more and more businesses have had to embrace remote working, and many are seeing the benefits it can offer to their staff and the business. Some are even ready to make remote working and flexible working a mainstay of how they operate their businesses.

The benefits of remote working

When offered the option of remote working, employees see a number of potential benefits. They no longer have to spend time and money commuting to and from work every day, which gives them more free time as well as saving money. Even cutting out a half-hour commute gives you an extra hour of free time each day, and being at home more often means employees with families can see more of their kids or partner. In total, employees can enjoy a better work/life balance.

These perks amount to benefits for your business, too. Workers who enjoy the advantages of remote working and flexible working are likely to have greater job satisfaction, boosting their motivation and productivity. You may also be able to reduce your overheads if fewer people are in the office each day. Or if you go fully remote as a team, then you might not even need an office.

The challenges of remote working

But managing a team of remote workers can come with its challenges. You need the right tools and for everyone to use them properly in order to maintain good communication channels and ensure that everyone is still working productively.

Building your company culture and making everyone feel like a team can also be a challenge, which is where branded products can help bring everyone together as a cohesive unit. Branded merchandise and materials, like stationery and office equipment, helps everyone feel like part of the team even if you don’t see each other person.

It’s also important for customer-facing teams. If you have a remote sales team, for example, who meet clients in person to sell to them, it’s important that everyone presents a unified image for your brand. This is where branded stationery and even clothing and bags can help to give the right impression and promote the brand properly. Or maybe an employee has to send a quote or brochure to a client through the mail; proper branded stationery and marketing materials are essential for maintaining that brand image.

If you want branded products to bring some unity to your remote team, contact Custom Advertising for a quote or visit our online store to see the range of promotional products we have available.