How to Make Direct Mail Campaigns Work for Your Brand

While everything is going more and more digital, there’s some value behind using traditional marketing as a way to differentiate yourself from other brands. As long as it doesn’t look like junk mail, people tend to pay attention when they receive something through the mail. In fact, statistics from 2020 show that the open rate of direct mail is up to 90%, compared to around 20-30% for email.

How does direct mail marketing work?

Direct mail marketing involves acquiring the mailing addresses of your audience (either home or work addresses) and sending them a letter, brochure, postcard, or another form of physical messaging to engage with them about your brand and its products or services. This can be used by both B2B and B2C companies.

As suggested earlier, this can have some advantages over email marketing and other forms of digital marketing. As well as the impressive open rates, sending your customers something tangible that they can keep, like a product catalog or a promotional product, can grab their attention and keep you at the front of their mind.

Tips for making your direct mail campaigns successful

Direct mail is a low-cost marketing strategy that can have great results, but it takes thought and planning to optimize your campaigns and see results from them. Here are some tips to make your campaigns more effective.

Acquire addresses legitimately

Buying a list of emails to market to is a sure-fire way to end up in the spam folder. The same thing goes for physical addresses. People who know your brand and have engaged with you in the past will respond more favorably than those who haven’t. If you don’t want your mail to go straight in the trash, use the addresses of past and existing customers or clients for your campaign.

Target your campaign

What message is your campaign putting across and what do you want to achieve from it? These questions should help you determine who you’re targeting. For example, mail aimed at bringing back customers who haven’t bought from you in years should read differently than one aimed at upselling your active customers. Make sure your message is personalized and tailored to the audience.

Offer value

Give your recipients a reason to pay attention to your mail and your brand by offering them value. To achieve this, you could send them discounts and offers that would appeal to them, or you could include a freebie like branded stationery or other products that advertise your brand while providing them with something useful.

Be creative and compelling

Sending something ordinary isn’t going to grab their attention. Be creative in the design and execution of your direct mail campaign, and make sure any copy is compelling and well-written. Sloppy writing or low-quality printing materials could make your brand look unprofessional.

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