Look Professional with Branded Stationery

There are certain things that should be top of your to-do list when starting up a new business. You’ll need a brand logo and a company website, strategies for winning your first customers or clients, business cards to hand out at networking events, an office space if you need one, plus various other things.

One simple task that you might not think about is having branded stationery printed for your business.

What is branded stationery?

Any office-based business needs a variety of stationery items for the day-to-day running of their business. Printing paper, letterheads, brochures, files and folders, pens, envelopes, business cards, and much more. Rather than printing on plain paper and lending a generic pen to a client, branded stationery puts your business name, logo, and contact details on each piece of stationery.

So, why do you need to print your name and logo on all the stationery your business uses? Here are some of the biggest benefits of having branded stationery.

Brand consistency

It’s important to be consistent with your branding across everything you do. This helps to cement your brand image in the minds of your audience and customers. If every piece of marketing you distribute and every piece of communication with your clients is consistently branded, then this helps to make your brand more memorable and ensure that you stand out to clients.

Present a professional image

One mental barrier that people often face when starting up their own business is imposter syndrome. Someone might doubt whether they’re qualified enough or capable enough to run a successful business. One way to get past these thoughts is to always present a professional image to convince yourself that you “belong” in this business world. Branded stationery makes you look like a legitimate, professional business, both to your clients and to yourself.

Attention to detail

Consistent branding isn’t just about professionalism, it also shows to your potential clients that you care about the details and are willing to put in the extra work to make everything look consistent and professional. This puts forward a good impression to clients, even if it’s just on a subconscious level. They can assume that this level of detail also reflects on the work you can do for them, making them more likely to hire you.

Win more contacts and leads

You want potential clients and customers to contact you or visit your website. If your contact details, website URL, and social media profiles are printed on the letter you sent out to potential leads, the brochure you handed a potential client in your office, and the pens you handed out at a business convention, then these people can easily contact you if they want to.

If you need branded stationery for your start-up or even for established businesses looking to replenish or reinvent your branded stationery, contact Custom Advertising for a quote or take a look at our online store for more promotional product ideas.