Home Schooling Essentials

Whether you home school your kids regularly or have had to adapt to doing so over the last year, there are plenty of challenges that come with home schooling. It helps to have the right equipment to make sure you and your kids are prepared for the school day. Here are some essentials that you might want to stock up on for home schooling.

Printer paper and ink

A lot of things can now be done online or using computer programs. But it still helps to be able to print off exercises and other material to support lessons and activities. If you have a printer in your home, then make sure you stock up on plain printer paper and both black and color ink.

Dry erase board and pens

Another way to make lessons more visual and get kids involved in their lessons is using a dry erase board. A school teacher would use one in lots of their lessons, so why shouldn’t you? You can write notes and diagrams on the board, help to expand on ideas, and have the kids complete math problems or other activities. A magnetic dry erase board is even more versatile, allowing you to stick themed magnets on the board to aid your explanation.

A stylus pen

For the activities you or your child does on a laptop, tablet, or other smart device with a touchscreen, a stylus pen can make work easier and more interactive. When it comes to drawing or writing things on a screen, this will be much simpler and more intuitive. Some kids may find this more engaging than typing and using the mouse.

Pens, pencils, and the rest

Don’t underestimate how much stationery and basic school supplies you’ll need for home schooling. Stock up on a range of pens, pencils, colored pens and pencils, crayons, highlighters, erasers, sharpeners, and anything else you can think of that you might need on a daily basis. And you can never have enough paper, including colored paper, lined paper, notepads, etc.

Arts and craft supplies

Especially if you’re home schooling young children, you’ll need to introduce lots of fun and varying activities to keep them engaged. Simple supplies like paints, paintbrushes, craft paper, glue, and more can provide endless possibilities for making and crafting things. This can be just for fun or to support and emphasize something they’re learning about.

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