Selecting Colors and Fonts for Your Promotional Products

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits that promotional products can offer your business and your marketing strategy. But the design of your branded advertising products is essential to this. You need to design products that appeal to your audience, making them aesthetically pleasing as well as fit for purpose.

The colors and fonts used on your promotional products make up a big part of their design, so we’ve got some tips to help you choose the best ones.

Think about your branding

Promotional products are designed to reflect and promote your brand. So, it’s important that the fonts and colors that you use are in-keeping with your branding and the tone and personality of your business. Using the same colors as those in your logo will help to make your promotional materials more recognizable and memorable in relation to your brand. You might also use the font from your logo in headings or the name of your company on branded products.

Make them eye-catching

You want your promotional products to grab the attention of people who might use them or walk by them. Let’s say your employees are wearing custom t-shirts in-store or at a business convention. The design of these t-shirts needs to make them noticeable and instantly recognizable as a member of staff. If customers or delegates need assistance or want to find out more, then they know who to go to based on your staff’s branded t-shirts.

Colors are the best way to make your advertising products eye-catching and noticeable. Pick bold and bright colors that stand out while still complementing each other and the overall design of the product. Make sure that any text stands out against its background. Some color combinations make it difficult to read the text, so always aim for contrasting colors.

Clear, readable fonts

Some brands try to portray a sense of elegance and sophistication with heavily italicized and script fonts. But, when taken too far, this can make the text difficult to read. You want to make sure that any text on your promotional products is clear and legible, even at a glance. Your audience doesn’t want to have to work hard just to read your message.

Select a size and font that is easy to read to make your branded products more effective. Think about the purpose of the products. Does the text need to be large enough to read from a distance or will it mostly be used up close? A branded pen can have relatively small text on, for example, but a message on the back of an employee’s custom t-shirt should be readable from across the store.

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