How to Improve Traffic at Conventions and Trade Shows

You invest money and time to exhibit at a business convention or trade show with your brand, so you want to make sure that you see some results from it. Those results might simply be raising more brand awareness, or it could be something more concrete like a promising lead or even a sale.

Whatever your business goals are when attending a trade show, you need foot traffic coming to your stall or exhibit in order to achieve them. So, let’s look at some tips to help you attract delegates to your booth.

Promote yourself on social media

Both before and during the convention, you should be tweeting or posting on other social networks to let people know you’re there. Build some buzz around your brand and the convention, and let people know why they should visit your booth. The show should have its own hashtag that will help you get involved in the conversation with delegates and other exhibitors.

Quality marketing materials

Your stall is one big advertisement for your brand, so it should look professional and capture attention. Large banners or signs around your booth will let people see who you are even from a distance. Then you should also have smaller materials such as flyers and business cards to hand out to people who are interested, or even more comprehensive brochures.

Have a gimmick

Gimmicks might not work for every brand, but if you can think of one that’s relevant to your business and its offering, then it can be a great way to draw more people in. This could be a game that delegates can play or a competition for them to enter. If you’re selling a product, then a product demonstration could get people interested.

Engage passers-by

As people walk by your stall, you or your staff should engage with them to make people want to stop at your stall to interact with your people or the stall itself. Your staff should be friendly and inviting, and they should be fully prepared to answer any questions attendees have about your brand and its products or services. Custom branded clothing can also help your employees attract people, and these clothes will promote your brand even when you’re wandering around the convention yourself.

Offer enticing freebies

Everyone loves a good freebie, especially at business conventions. Delegates tend to leave at the end of the day with a free tote bag full of swag from different brands. Make sure you have quality promotional products with your branding and contact details on them. You could offer free candy, pens, mugs, bags, USB drives, stress balls, and much more.

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